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Thinning Hair

At Scalet Hair we have sevral different options to help protect against thinning hair, and hair loss. Our staff are trained and have great experience dealing with different hair loss concerns. To find out witch soloution is right for you book in for a complementry consultation.


Hair loss and loss of density are different hair concerns that Scarlet Hair treats with a dedicated ritual. To determine which ritual is ideal for you, follow this simple rule:


• If you have noticed visible hair loss but no receding hairline, the Densifique solution is ideal for you. 

• If you observe a receding hairline as well as peaks of hair loss, the Aminexil solution is right for you.


In case of uncertainty, we can help you identify the right ritual for your needs.


For Hair Loss


Throughout the program, scalp irritation is reduced, life of the hair follicle is prolonged, hair density is improved and hair is strengthened, nourished and revitalised.

An Energising Bath for thining hair.

An intensive 6 week program to counteract hair loss and preserve the hair density




Discover the beauty of fuller looking hair