For naturally grey hair, you'll need to keep your hair strong, soft and illuminated with this regimen.




Use Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo once a week until desired tone is reached. Bain Lumière Shampoo + Cicaflash Conditioner + Cicaplasme Hair Serum daily for illuminating, hydrating and priming.



Bain Lumière Shampoo, 250ml

Intensely hydrates fiber and removes impurities to illuminate hair. Provides the hair with a light feeling, deeply and durably hydrates the fiber, improves and illuminates natural shine, and leaves hair feeling light.

  • Intensely hydrates hair fiber.
  • Removes impurities and hair build-up for healthy hair.
  • Illuminates naturally shiny hair.


Cicaflash Conditioner, 250ml

Fortifying treatment for all blonde hair types.

  • Deeply moisturizes hair strands.
  • Instantly restores hair nourishment.
  • Creates soft hair.
  • Protects against hair breakage.


Cicaplasme Hair Primer, 150ml

Heat-protecting primer for all blonde hair types.

  • Instantly unifies damaged areas of blonde hair.
  • Creates smooth hair.
  • Heat protectant with 450°F thermo-protection.


Blond Absolu Grey Hair Set

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