Say goodbye to your curly hair and hello to silky smooth straight hair!!


Keratin Straightening 
Want to de-frizz and relax your curls then the keratin treatment is for you, lasting anywhere between 4-6 months depending on what your hair routine is (wether you shampoo your hair four times a week it may wash out quicker than someone who washes there hair twice a week). Keratin will achieve the smooth and straight look and feel you always wanted whilst improving the health of your hair!


Permanent Straightening
Opti Smooth Permanent straightening by Matrix can transform your curls to straight with its unique full spectrum smoothing.
Opti Smooth eliminates frizz and reduces volume leaving you with silky smooth frizz free hair. 

perm .jpg

Some People prefer straight some people prefer
curly and lucky for you we offer both!! 

So if your looking to give your curls an extra bonce 
or over your poker straight hair a PERM is right for